Building Your Wellbeing Brand

Helping you keep in step with what the market is demanding

Do you want to position your business as a wellbeing brand?

 Wellbeing is happening. 

You cannot be talking just fitness in 2022 - you need a broader, tangible product to help your organisation to move into the booming wellbeing space in 2022.

It's no longer enough to entirely focused on the gym experience. Existing, and prospective customers are increasingly seeking non-gym products and solutions to give them a wider impact than exercise and activity alone can bring.

If you don't lead on this and stake your place in the rapidly growing market, you're going to be left behind.

But how can you equip your organisation and staff with the skills they need?

If you want wellbeing training that's innovative, marketing leading and clinically robust then FuturePractice is where to turn. Our courses are establishing new best practices that go beyond just exercise and nutrition, and tackle essential areas such as stress, recovery, mindset, and environmental protection.

We will help your team to become wellbeing experts, able to speak into the full breadth of areas clients are now looking for someone to deliver - providing new products and services that are tailored to the non-gym market. Our courses will equip them with the necessary knowledge and cultural understanding to lift you above your competition and provide a better result for both you, and your customers.

There are no shortcuts to becoming a wellbeing brand

Credible wellbeing delivery requires a new skillset, a different strategy, and a wider understanding of what the market requires. But if you're able to break into it, to elevate your practice and market perception, then it opens up a great number of new revenue opportunities. Wellbeing brands can offer physiological testing, health assessments, corporate talks, lifestyle consultations. They can promote supplements, meditation, breathing classes, sleep services, wearable devices and more - all revenue that a narrow, gym only vision will struggle to tap into.

Wellbeing is a incredible opportunity to create an elevated brand position and drive the new avenues of secondary spend you're looking to find this year.

Let FuturePractice help you discover it.

If you'd like to speak more to us, in total confidence, about your current market positioning and the opportunities wellbeing could have for your business, please email