Take your practice, and success, to the next level by delivering the outcomes your clients' desire

As a fitness professional, you can own the wellbeing space

There is an enormous opportunity for the motivated and educated fitness professional. The UK wellbeing industry is already worth over £500 million, with just 100 providers. Over 80% of companies have no wellbeing strategy.

Who is there to make the most of this opportunity? Do you want it to be you?

The Practical Stress Resilience Coaching course will give you the knowledge, skills and support to deliver professional wellbeing advice to your clients and meet the growing demand in the corporate wellbeing space.

You will be equipped as a wellness consultant, expanding outside of the physical gym with a professional framework that gives you access to incredible opportunities to create more revenue and elevate your personal brand.


  • Endorsed by the UK Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity for 7 CPD points
  • Approved Education Provider by the American Council on Exercise
  • Endorsed by the International Sports Sciences Association for 7 CEU points
  • Endorsed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine for 1 CEU point

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Change the landscape of
your future career

What this course will give you:

Add wellbeing to your existing practice

Add specialist stress resilience coaching to your skill set 

Move into corporate wellbeing delivery  

Provide access to a like-minded professional networking community

Become a Nordic Labs Practitioner

We've partnered with testing pioneers, Nordic Labs, to give you access to their cortisol testing services. Upon completion of the course you'll be accredited to register with them to carry out their Saliva Adrenal Stress profile tests with your clients, giving you evidence-based insights that 99% of other fitness professionals can't offer.

Exclusive Firstbeat Life for Partners discount

Get a flying start by combining what you learn on this course with world-class measurement tools. Firstbeat Life is the technology used by 23,000 athletes and over 1,000 teams around the world, including Arsenal, Manchester City and Manchester United.

Course enrollees benefit from an exclusive discount with Firstbeat Life for Partners - the most advanced solution to measure and report on stress, recovery, sleep and exercise. This offer is not available anywhere else and saves you £150 from the price everyone else pays. It includes the measuring device, app, company and group reporting, and the admin tool to manage and report on results, along with the training to make the most of it.

You can read more at but the discount is only available to those enrolled in this course through a unique link we will send you.

Once I understood what I could and couldn't say about stress I was able to build it into every conversation I have. Knowing how to change someones reactions to their stresses was  a transformative moment in my career. 

Harry Jameson - Co-founder

This course is about changing your professional career. We mean it when we want to create a movement here. When society sees enough capable wellbeing advisors, the market moves and the early adopters can shape this industry into new and impactful spaces. These tools will get you there.

Oliver Patrick - Co-founder

The Team behind the course

Why should you care what we say?

You don't get anywhere in this space without being excellent. In order to be excellent you need the knowledge base behind you. 

Harry Jameson is well known for taking his practice out of the gym and elevating his wellbeing brand to clients and corporations.

Over two decades Oliver Patrick has designed and delivered corporate wellbeing programmes, first as Head of Physiology at Nuffield and more recently delivering the world's most advanced health assessment programme on Harley Street.

In this video we explain our backgrounds, and why our passions have brought us create FuturePractice, and how it can drive the professional growth of this sector through you:

Oliver Patrick

Oliver Patrick is a Physiologist and leading expert in lifestyle management. He speaks widely on the application of contemporary wellbeing strategies and consults to businesses and individuals globally. 

Oliver was Head of Physiology at Nuffield Hospitals where he led the largest team of applied physiologists, wellbeing advisors and nutritionists in the UK. In 2009 Oliver co-founded Viavi on London's Harley St, to deliver the most advanced health assessment and health evaluation service available globally. In his clinical role at Viavi, Oliver worked alongside each key discipline of medicine to drive accelerated health outcomes in his clients. 

Alongside advanced health assessments Oliver co-founded the first Lifestyle medicine gym in Oxford, tailoring exercise and lifestyle advice to the non-exercise market. Latterly Oliver runs a corporate wellbeing consultancy service and has founded an industry specific education platform to drive practical coaching skills in the broader undervalued areas of lifestyle (beyond movement and nutrition) particularly stress, sleep, environmental toxicity and mindset.

Harry Jameson

Harry is an award-winning expert with over 15 years' experience in the fitness and hospitality industries with an extensive network of experts spanning every stage of development, implementation and promotion. 

Harry's learnings over the last fifteen years have seen him create wellness retreat programmes across top brands in luxury hospitality including Four Seasons, Rosewood Hotels and The One and Only. As wellness business consultant his clients include Twitter, Apple, and Nike. 

As performance coach his entire career has been based upon improving the lives and performance of the worlds highest achieving individuals and still counts world leaders, leading industry CEOs and some of the most influential people on the planet as his clients. This inside industry insight lead to a belief that there is a gap in the global market for a holistic approach to preventative health and wellness, matched with world-class hospitality has led to the creation of Future Practice.

Dr Vanessa Molton

Dr Vanessa Moulton, CPsychol, AFBPsS Dr Moulton is the founder of Mindflex and brings a down-to-earth approach to all aspects of her work. She has extensive experience across the development of 'Psychological Fitness' and all aspects associated with mental health and performance, both in and out of the workplace.

She is a Chartered Psychologist involved across private, public and charity sectors, with expertise in one-to-one therapy, coaching, psychological consulting and organisational performance. Having worked as the Head of Psychological Services at the renowned British military charity "Help for Heroes", she is highly qualified in the set-up and delivery of psychological services.

Dr Moulton uses evidence-based models within all aspects of her work ensuring that outcomes are effective and measurable, drawing upon specialist expertise where relevant to deliver bespoke solutions for both individuals and organisations.


The Course includes










21 bite-sized modules setting out what you need to know on stress resilience


Materials to embed the knowledge and equip you to use it with clients


An online community and live webinars to answer your specific questions

Practical tools to boost your wellbeing career

Structured coaching crib sheet to deliver stress resilience consultations

Corporate presentation slides with professional animations

Mindflex™ evidence-based worksheets to challenge client's negative thought cycles

·        Red-flag referral pathway to professionally manage high risk situations

change your life by changing the lives of others

Can you become a 'stress professional'?

Work-related stress and mental illness accounts for over half of work absences – and costs British businesses an estimated £26 billion per annum. It's now the biggest cause of long term absence from work.

Where people are off work, the money follows.
Who are the right people to help change the trajectory of stress on health?
With this training and support, we believe it can be you.

what others say

If you just exist within the fitness bubble your role is quite limited. One of the things I think is great you guys are doing is saying you can be a great trainer on the gym floor, but also how can you step outside of that space and be multi-faceted in how you deliver your skillset. 

If you start to understand the concept of stress, how it impacts someone, ways in which we can mitigate that to make someone feel better and get more out of their training or feel more energised, then that makes you a better coach.

Alice Liveing 

We want this course to change your life -
are you ready to move up?

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Please note that course certificate download, and so access to the Nordic Lab testing accreditation, isn't available until you've made all four payments.